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The Electronic Profile Information Center (EPIC) system incorporates web-based technology to generate DiSC® reports instantly. EPIC was designed from the ground up to improve and expedite the way you work with profiles and assessments, eliminating the need to manually score and generate reports. This user-friendly web-based system lets you take control and manage profiles online through a personalized EPIC SubAccount. If you can access the internet, you can access the EPIC system from anywhere in the world.

The EPIC system is used extensively by trainers, facilitators, consultants and organizations who prefer having the control to administer and manage DiSC reports and core assessments anytime anywhere.


EPIC Credits (Web-Based)

Item: EPIC-W-800

EPIC Credits: $6.00 ea.

EPIC SubAccount (Web-Based)

Item: EPIC-W-801

One-Time Setup: $270

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